The Green Hill Zone Cubicle

If you’re a fan of SEGA or Sonic the Hedgehog on Facebook, you might have seen the pics of Aaron Webber’s desk. Now, there is a video! Aaron, the community manager for SEGA of America, went on a 3-week vacation and returned to find that his cubicle was turned into Green Hill Zone

I talked to Aaron yesterday and we determined that this prank really isn’t a prank. It’s too cool to be a prank. Who doesn’t want their desk to be a fully functioning Green Hill Zone? Aaron said that he might leave his desk in Green Hill form for a while. Check the gallery past the jump for the pics uploaded earlier this week.

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    If I were Aaron, I probably would have said, “I’d be angry if I wasn’t so amazed”.

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    That. Is. AWESOME!

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    These guys should be working on Sonic 4. Clearly they know what classic Sonic is about. *shot*

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    He HAS to keep all the stuff that’s on there, it looks fantastic 😀 Just throw in his computer and away he goes.

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    Aw, man I wish I had that. It’s cool!

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    The video is gone. Please fix.

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