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Retro Tuesday: A Classic Kidnapping

Here at Sonic Retro, we like retro Sonic.  It’s about time we regularly honor those who pay tribute to a simpler, more awesome time.  Who’s gettin’ props this week in our inaugural edition of Retro Tuesday?  Why, jamieswiftrunner!  That’s who!  Here’s some shit that’ll make you smile:

This art looks like it popped right out of the Sonic Screensaver!  Very retro, very cool.  We salute you, jamieswiftrunner.  You’re a bastard, Metal Sonic.

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    0.0 woah

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    I love this pic. <3 jamieswiftrunner is amazing. ^_^

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    I miss Amy’s old design.

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    Wow! VERY Sonic the Screen-saver-esque! Very well done! *round of applause*

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    Love it! SOO RETRO!

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    One of the best pieces of Sonic artwork I’ve ever seen – Sega-made or not!  And the characters and backgrounds are right out of Sonic CD!  Often, even Sega likes to change the backgrounds to ones that are more realistic, but less like the game environments.  Every pixel of the characters is in the right place.  Eyes are perfect, mouths, quills…  The shading looks like it’s right out of 1993.  Jamieswiftrunner is the best!

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