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Sonic Paradox Unveils “Project 20!”

I know that we just celebrated Sonic’s 19th, but the guys over at Sonic Paradox are preparing for a 20th birthday celebration! What is “Project 20?” Check out this press release from the Sonic Paradox administrators after the break.

It has been almost 20 years since the blue hedgehog started running on our televisions at supersonic speeds, and June 23rd, 2011 will be his landmark 20th anniversary! For the past two decades, Sonic fans have been celebrating anniversaries by creating artwork, music and videos! Sonic Paradox, home of the Sonic Shorts, would like to introduce “Project 20.”

What is “Project 20”?

Project 20 will be the BIGGEST collaboration and celebration within the Sonic Community ever! That is right! BIGGEST! Our goal is to have the entire Sonic Community united for this special occasion and everyone is invited to participate! We’ll be having two main projects and more community events we’ll announce later!

The first project is the “Picture Collab”. This huge collaboration will contain at least 100 or more artists drawing Sonic in any style in a group for one giant wallpaper! The second collaboration is something new that we’re introducing at Sonic Paradox, the “Music Collab!” We’ll be making a giant album that will contain re-masters, remixes, vocal tracks and original music!

We already have some of the best and well-known artists from the community, both inside and outside of Sonic Paradox, so you don’t wanna miss out!

When can I start and when is the deadline?

As of today, we are accepting submissions and the deadline for both projects will be April 15th, 2011. Just be sure to read the rules and guidelines!

What if I’m not an artist or musician?

No worries! Sonic fans can post videos, photos and their favorite memories from the Sonic series! We’ll also take the best of these and post them on our “Project 20” website when it launches!

Neat! How can I be a part of Project 20?

Simple! All you have to do is register here at the Sonic Paradox Forums!

Are you down for Project 20? I know I am.

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    It’s certainly a great idea. It’ll be interesting to see how many works they can get onto this site.

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    I can’t wait to hear the music.

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    Boy do I want to enter a drawing!!

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    ill enter maybe

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    I would love to enter in the Picture Collab but since they’ve omitted the option for MS Paint, I’ll just let the big dogs submit their entries. But, best of luck to this project!

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